Land Flipping: The Simpler
Way of Getting into Real Estate
 Join  Multi-Million-Dollar Land
Investor, Jack Bosch

LIVE on Zoom

Tuesday, July 23 at 9 am PT! 
Who is this training for?
Beginning or Experienced real estate investors who want to learn more about land flipping
Corporate professionals looking to create investment income on the side (to speed up their wealth creation, fast-track retirement, and free themselves from the 9-5 grind)
Entrepreneurs looking to diversify their portfolio and invest in real estate to create an alternative income stream
Anyone who wants to invest in their own business to break the traditional mold, create a freedom-based lifestyle, and live life on their terms
This workshop is NOT for you if you are:
Looking for a get-rich-quick scheme
Just kicking the tires and have no desire to do more than dabble
Not able to invest upfront in your land business, both with time and capital
You think you know everything you need to know about land flipping
Finally, simple strategies to invest in real estate... without the complications, time commitment, or high risk of houses.
Real estate Beginner? We have a simple, step-by-step system for you!
Worried about retirement catchup? You’re in the right hands!
Exhausted from the 9-5 grind and 80 hr workweeks? Set your own hours and build a proven business on autopilot.

Jack Bosch here, top land investing expert and co-founder of Land Profit Generator. I've done almost 5,000 land deals for $8-figures in profits using the simple method you're going to learn on July 23rd, 2024.
I will reveal my personal tools & strategies that are working in the market right now
Would you like to discover:
Proven systems to identify the most profitable areas and the best leads, so you could average $10K-$1M profit per deal?
Our scalable process to generate both active and passive income, working less than 5 hours a week from home?
How to match & exceed your executive income, but in part-time hours?
Then, you’re not going to want
to miss this
What: A 90-Minute Live Seminar on Getting into RE, the Simpler Way

Where: Live on Zoom (you’ll get the link when you register)

When: Tuesday, July 23rd at 9 am PT
Land is BOOMING in the market right now!

Troy Bonner
Made $12,105 on his first land deal, and he’s since closed 2 more! Troy's total profits in his first 3 months are more than $23,000!

Amy and Rome Lingenfelter

Closed their first land deal for a profit of $20,000. Their second deal closed 2 weeks later, making them another $153,000!

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