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“Despite being very risk averse, I jumped into the program working part-time. After 13 tough years in Corporate America, I’ve made $450K+ flipping land in less than a year and was just recently able to quit my job!”
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Our goal is to create 1,000 millionaires  in the next two years with our strategic, systemized approach to generating wealth with land.
  • An ambitious individual with a high-performance mindset who’s willing to follow our proven system for at least 12 months, so you can master the skills you need to generate wealth with land and scale to high 6 or even 7-figures.

  • An aspiring investor who has been looking for a way to break into real estate with a simple, scalable, and strategic asset class that requires no travel or the complications of traditional real estate & houses.

  • An experienced land investor who’s done a few deals but hasn’t found a way to systematically and predictably find & close deals at scale (100+ deals per year).

  • A struggling house flipper who just “gets it”. You know the hassles and headaches that come with houses and you see land as the obvious next step.

  • An aspiring entrepreneur who’s looking to build a self-managing business that requires a lower financial investment than other businesses.

  • A corporate employee who’s comfortable but miserable and looking for a proven way to earn your freedom in part-time hours, escape the cubicle life, work from home, and enjoy a life that puts family first.

  • You’re looking for a “magic pill” that will dump money in your bank account, instead of a proven model that you plan to work on diligently by following the instruction of our world-class coaching team.
  • You plan to just dip your toe in the water and treat this as an insignificant “once in a while” activity, starting and stopping every few days or weeks and never really committing to bringing a professional attitude (even if you only want to do this a few hours per week, give it your all!).
  • You’re in a lot of debt or in a dire financial situation and you absolutely need to make money by next week. This program is not for you. The added pressure will cause you to make poor decisions. Come back when you are financially ready.
  • You have a quitter’s attitude.  As soon as things get tough, you bail and go find the next shiny object. This program is a world-class, “boots on the ground” education. It’s only for those who are truly committed to seeing results because we will deliver them if you just follow through.
“The LPG team are some of the most stand up folks I have ever worked with. They’ve got solid ethics. The level of effort they put in to help people reach their goals is HUGE! I’ve been around the block once or twice, and I can honestly say I’ve never dealt with another business that operates on their level.”
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Here’s what you get with the Land Profit Coaching Program
  • Small group cohorts with weekly training calls that move through one stage of the program to the next with an added level of peer support and momentum.

  • A 6-Week Quick-Start Intensive Program to get your business set up and make your first deal FAST.

  • 2 Jumpstart Calls with a Master Coach, for 1:1 attention from an elite expert to use during your first 30 days.

  • Weekly all-student, industry-specific training hosted by a rotation of expert speakers.

  • Open Office Hours twice weekly, to ask questions, troubleshoot, and get assistance with anything you’re working on.

  • Unlimited Access to an Accountability Partner plus additional Coaching Calls with a Master Coach to keep you moving toward your goals.

  • One Family Ticket to our 2.5-Day Land Profit Maximizer Workshop to ramp you up for more deal-making.

  • 12 Months Access to our Industry-Leading Deal Management CRM System to streamline and automate your business.

  • The Complete 7-Figure Land Profit Generator Method with videos, checklists, and detailed guides to guide your every step.

  • All the Attorney-Reviewed Advanced contracts, letters, and process documents you need to make any type of land deal.

  • All the scaling templates and negotiation scripts you need to succeed.

“What motivates me most is freedom. Nobody I know loves their job. I still have three years left in college but I already have 14 properties under contract and have made around $43,000. You really have to be 100% committed.”
~ Max Vollmer
Former Athlete, New Land Investor
“So the March and April sales are in escrow and on track. If they close as expected, that will give us $97,000 in our first six months in LPG coaching! Thanks again!”
~  Richard and Dana Filley
University Professor + Travel Professional, Land Investors
Skip the headaches of
traditional real estate.
  • No tenants, toilets, or termites.

  • No working with contractors.

  • No emotional “living room negotiations” with buyers & sellers.

  • No down payments or escrow deposits on properties (or using your own money).

  • No mold, repairs, or surprises.

  • No banks and no inspections.

  • No cold calling.

  • No public marketing that may upset your current employer (discreet side-hustle).

Land represents the ultimate American Dream.
When you sell a piece of land, here’s what you’ll get:
  • Quantum leaps in cash profits and income.

  • An opportunity to build passive income without
    tenants, toilets, or termites (yes land cash flows!).

  • A fast-paced opportunity where you can do large numbers of
    deals in shorter periods of time.

  • A blue ocean strategy with very little competition.

  • An opportunity to build your wealth to any level you desire -
    including the gateway to larger asset classes.

Succeeding at Scale with
Land Flipping is a SCIENCE.
This requires just four skills you will
master with scientific precision.
STEP ONE. Find a multitude of great deals on land.

We help you tap into millions of properties around the country. Since you don’t have to see the property in person and the entire transaction happens virtually, you can do high-volume, high-profit deals.

STEP TWO. Contact the sellers and get deals at scale.

We give you the exact formula for using data-driven, targeted direct mail to connect with our hyper-motivated sellers and make offers that are going to be accepted, including all our advanced documents, automation systems, and more (Yes, this really works best! People don’t want cold calls). Receive responses personally, or using a call center - whatever works for your schedule and budget.

STEP THREE. Consistently find eager buyers fast.

After you have a bunch of deals, we show you how to find excited, eager buyers who can’t believe the deal you’re offering them. For this, you’ll use our proven “quick sale” marketing systems using little-known real estate marketing channels that work like clockwork. We teach you everything step by step. You don’t need ANY prior marketing experience to do this.

STEP FOUR. Negotiate the deal like a pro.

We’ll teach you how to negotiate a TRIPLE WIN, the final step in land flipping. You need a win for the seller (they’re getting cash in their pocket with little to no effort), a win for the buyer (they’re getting land at an incredible discount), and a win for you (you’re making a profit on every deal!). This negotiation can happen virtually or via phone.

The TOP 1% of land flippers in the country
The Land Profit Coaching Program has an all-star lineup of Master Coaches like these who are the
premier & leading experts in land. They’ve hit every roadblock and made every mistake -- So you
don’t have to! They’ll be by your side to answer your questions!
Superpower: Scaling
4 Years in Land Investing
Scaled to 100 land deals annually in 2 years
Personal Land Strategy: Small and large deals all over the USA
Philosophy: “There is always a way to make a deal work.”
Superpower: Self-Closing and Finding Buyers
3 Years in Land Investing
Expert on buying and selling high price point properties.
Personal Land Strategy: Create win-win situations for both sellers and buyers
Philosophy: "If you are not working for your own dream, you are working for someone else's."
Superpower: Sales Expert
12 Years in Land Investing
Personal Land Strategy: Lots of smaller deals
Philosophy: “Move with faith for the first 90 days. I can’t wait til you
have so many deals on the table you just say, ‘Throw it on the pile!’”
Superpower: Valuing Properties
5 Years in Land Investing
10x-ing his real estate investing business with land
Personal Land Strategy: Working the system & teaching my students
Philosophy: “It takes three things to be successful in this land business:
mindset, effective action, and consistency”.
Superpower: Creating Solutions
Personal Land Strategy: Creating passive cash flow with seller finance deals
Philosophy: “I love helping others achieve their dreams.”
To break out of your current circumstances,
you need a reason WHY.
Are you sick and tired of your current life?
Use that feeling as fuel to make the decision to
exponentially grow your income so you can:
  • Break out from corporate jail
  • Retire your spouse
  • Be a role model for your kids or grandchildren
  • End the potentially generational cycle of failure and lack
  • Create a secure retirement
  • Care for your family the way you know they should be cared for
  • Leave behind a true financial legacy for your loved ones
  • Live a life of purpose
  • Enjoy time with those important to you (not just the people who happen to sit next to you at your job)
  • Give to your church or set up your own charity
  • Work part-time hours so you can finally travel
  • Have more time to spend on hobbies you enjoy
“I ran a cleaning company and worked very, very hard. You can only scrub toilets for so long. I’m proud and humbled to say I’ve been able to earn an incredible lifestyle after 3 years and money is no longer a concern. My business is fully automated, and I expect to cross the 7-figure mark in the next 12 months.”
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11 Reasons to Work with LPG Coaching
Instead of Going at it Alone

Reason #1
Get our proven system for flipping land. Every step has been fire-tested and is bulletproof. Why reinvent the
wheel when there’s a wheel that has worked for countless people already?
Reason #2
Your coaches have seen it all and done it all. Any questions you have can be quickly answered by your
Accountability Partner, your Master Coach, or during one of our 7 weekly Master Coach-led group coaching
calls! In other words, we are there for you!
Reason #3
Avoid the big mistakes beginners and even experienced investors make that will cost you thousands of dollars and months wasted.
Reason #4
Learn how to scale your business to high 6 and even 7-figures through our proven 3-part approach “Start-Up. Scale-Up. Mastery” so you can quit your job sooner and have a self-managing and highly profitable land business within 12 months.
Reason #5
Create fast wins with our 6-week Quick Start program. We love fast movers, and we want to support you every step of the way.
Reason #6
Have your own personal Accountability Partner next to you for the full year who will act as your liaison. They will either have the answer, get you the answer, or put you together with someone who has the answer. It’s truly 360-degree support!
Reason #7
Get support negotiating contract terms with hesitant buyers. There are 1,000 ways to get a deal done. We take out the guesswork!
Reason #8
Tap into our “hive mind”. We have countless program participants who are all working through their own deals. Ask a question and get priceless insights from our helpful tribe.
Reason #9
Do deals with vetted members of the group if you want to! Members link up and co-invest in deals, especially when they want to leverage creative financing.
Reason #10
Save months or years trying to piece together a lucrative strategy from podcasts, freebies, and programs. Duct-taping many approaches together is inefficient and risky. Learn from the top land investors in the world and get one proven strategy with all the support you need.
Reason #11
Get support with negotiation and deal-structuring, so you know word for word what to say and how to close sophisticated buyers who can tell right away if you don’t know what you’re doing.
What’s the investment?
We have several different programs available at almost every budget. Book a call to assess which program is right for you.
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Besides coaching, what do I need to pay for?
Mailers to contact motivated sellers. You should have at least $2,000-$3,000 to invest in mailers right away. Nothing happens without this step. By a law of averages, if you invest strategically according to our proven approach, you will receive deals and offers -- but that won’t happen if you mail just 10 letters. You have to contact a statistically significant number of sellers in order for that to happen. Think of boiling water, if you never hit the boiling point, the water will stay placid.

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How long will it take me to get my first deal?
Some of our students have done it in less than 60 days (and a few even within 30 days). Others have taken 6 or even 8 months. Most students pay back their program investment with 3 - 5 deals. What’s more important than “time to first deal” is deal acceleration. Within 90 days of their first deal, most of our students are overwhelmed with the great problem to have - “too many deals!”. When you hit the acceleration point, you’ll be excited you had the vision and foresight to see it through.

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What is the potential return on my investment?
  • Take your business from doing 1 deal a month to 5 deals a month, to 10+ deals a month, in a very short period of time
  • Create systems and processes that automate 75% of your business, freeing up more time, and allowing you to focus on high-ticket tasks (like a CEO)
  • Refine your marketing process for higher conversions, better response rates, and higher equity deals
  • Increase your business growth, year after year for the rest of your life
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What support is available for me in the program if I have trouble?
This is what truly makes us peerless in this industry. We dedicate an unmatched level of 360-degree support care to your success. First, you get unlimited access to Accountability Partners who will guide you through the program, help you stay aligned with your goals, and supply you with every resource you could possibly need. Second, you will move through each stage of business with small-group cohorts for an extra layer of peer support from those who are exactly where you are. You also get weekly live coaching calls with your cohort, open office hours twice weekly, weekly industry-specific training, and private one-on-one sessions with your Master Coach. Your membership comes with access to our private Facebook group to post your questions and meet our huge group of land investors for support. We’re a family. Everyone treats each other with kindness and respect, and everyone helps everyone else win. Bottom line: We are here for you, NO MATTER WHAT!
Meet the World’s Pioneers in Land Flipping

We are Jack and Michelle Bosch, Real Estate Investors, Best Selling Authors, Successful Entrepreneurs, and the Premier and Leading Experts on Land Flipping.

We came to America with two one-way plane tickets, two suitcases, and hearts full of dreams. We literally had nothing! Together, we’ve built a beautiful life together flipping land -- two immigrants just in it to win it!!

All we could count on was our willingness to work hard and dream big. Together, we’ve pioneered the fastest, most profitable approach to land flipping worldwide.

We saw how this approach changed our lives, and we wanted to use it to help others. So, while we were comfortable doing our own thing, minding our own business, and raising a family, Jack said, “Let’s teach others how to do this too!”.

And since our land business was fully automated by that time, I agreed! We are on a mission to transform the financial lives of families across the globe, and create 1,000 millionaires with our Land Profit Method.

We are the ONLY Land Coaching Company bringing real world-experience, first-class knowledge, and expertise in the Land Flipping space. We don’t lecture you. We LEAD BY EXAMPLE. We provide you with a SUPERIOR Method, SUPERIOR Strategies, and SUPERIOR Coaching to grow your Land Business.

Jack & Michelle Bosch
We help investors like YOU:
Use our multi-million dollar strategies to create consistent cash paydays that finally match your effort and time

Create huge leaps in profits that are bigger than what most do in a year, so you can finally retire from your job

Increase your business growth, profits and efficiency year after year for the rest of your life
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Take the first step towards exceptional results!
To your wealth!
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